First up, a brief introduction. My alias is Thor and that’s the name I go by online anywhere you can find me, which is in quite a few places. However, my real name is Tony and you can call me by either name.

My day job is as a programmer for a local web hosting company. My hobbies include miniature gaming (Blood Bowl primarily), and blogging. I have a handful of other blogs and sites that I’ve created and manage.

So, what is this site? I’ll be honest and to the point.

I’m a more casual gamer, as I feel most people are. In returning to World of Warcraft I’ve seen a lot of min/maxers, overachievers, and toxicity that’s permeated the community.

While this is nothing new, I’m too old to care what they think and I bet most of you reading this are too.

I wanted to create a more positive place for people to read about the game we love and share their opinions without being flamed by neckbeards.

That about covers it. No need for an overly long explanation!

I hope you enjoy what I’m creating here and I encourage you to take part by commenting on the articles I write.

Where Do I Play?

I play on the Westfall PVE server for US East. You’re welcomed to come say hi!

My Other Sites

Creative Twilight – A hobby blog for miniature wargaming and miniature painting.

Miniature Hobby Tutorials – A tutorial directory for all things pertaining to the miniature gaming hobby.

Miniature Storage – A site where I cover storage options for miniature gaming.