First, let me say that while this is totally achievable, you should try to avoid doing it unless you have no choice. It kind of drains your will to play the game when all you’re doing is grinding to level up a pet.

It’s definitely best to get a pet around your level, but if that’s not in the cards for whatever reason (I can name plenty!), then I’m here to help you with the burden and make it a bit easier.

I should note that this is for extreme level differences between you and your pet, such as a level 60 who tames a level 20 pet. Really, anything more than 10 levels would find this useful. Hell, if you just need to level your pet a few levels it’s still useful info.

If you’re prepping for The Burning Crusade and wondering about leveling up a low level pet, like say a Ravager, then now is the time. The XP increase, and the fact that Beast Mastery is amazing now, means it’s easier than ever to level that little pet.

Pet Leveling Basics

Let’s lay out the basics of how leveling a pet works in Classic WoW.

A pet needs 25% of your XP to level. Now, this would be the XP you needed at your pet’s level. So, if you’re 60 and leveling up a level 10 pet, then your pet needs 25% of the XP you needed at level 10 to reach level 11. Make sense?

Pets only gain XP from killing mobs. Doing quest turn ins, discovering new zones, etc., do not give your pet XP.

So, to level up your pets you need to grind mobs. While the pet only needs 25% of the XP for a level you did makes it faster, do not confuse it with fast. It’s still a chore if you’re 60 and trying to get a pet to 60 from a low level.

The mobs you kill need to be at least green to you, and this is what makes leveling a low pet a chore. For Classic WoW, If you’re level 60 then you need to kill mobs level 48+ to get XP for your pet. This also means your pet is just going to sit there and not help you if it’s really low level.

Now, if you’re playing in Classic TBC, then you need to kill mobs that are 52+ to get XP. While the level increased, making this a bit more difficult, leveling got way easier in TBC so you still make out better.

The Leveling Process

You need to grind mobs to get XP to level your pet. Simple!

The trick in doing this is efficiency. Nobody wants to spend more time grinding than they need to.


If you’ve got a competent group (like a guild run), you should be able to bring in a low level pet, leave it on passive, and just let is soak up XP. I suggest informing your group ahead of time that you’re leveling a pet and it won’t be fighting. It really just means your DPS is lower; not a big deal.

Your pet will have a larger than usual aggro radius, however, it’s not as big as you might think it is. I’ve run level 30 pets within 10-15 yards of mobs 55+ and not had them aggro. So, as long as you stay back at range, like you do anyway since you’re a Hunter, you’ll be fine.

Mob Grinding

This is most likely what you’ll be doing – grinding mobs.

Until your pet is within a few levels of the mobs you’re fighting your pet is just going to sit beside you the whole time. Without your pet to aid you, you need quick and easy mobs to fight that you don’t need to kite.

The ideal mobs to grind are casters. They have less HP, lower armor, and therefore die quicker.

You can fight whatever you want, again as long as the mob is green to you, but fighting casters is always going to be the most efficient mob to grind.

Level 60 Grind

My own experience in doing this has been at level 60. If you’re level 40 and leveling a level 10 pet, then I’m afraid I’ve got no great suggested areas for you. That being said, I’m willing to bet that with a little thought you can come up with a place your level with caster mobs you can grind.

For the level 60s out there, I’ve got some spots I frequently use. They’re all good spots, and some will even make you some money while you grind. I often rotate spots just to change up the scenery when I’m doing this.

I’m going to list these in alphabetical order. Also, I’m sure you could think of more locations than I’ve got below. These are locations I like to use because I find them the most efficient of the spots I’ve tried.

Zones and Locations to Grind

Here are my favorite spots to level up my pets with some details on potential gold making as well.


This is my favorite area (pre-TBC) because there’s 6 great spots to grind, plus you can do some fishing for pet food.


Legash Encampments

There’s 3 Satyr camps in close proximity to one another, Legash Encampments (green area). The great thing with the Satyrs is they drop Felcloth, which fetches around 5g per-Felcloth on my server.

Other than Felcloth, you’ll also get Demonic Runes and those are great for raiding. Also, you’ll get Runecloth, greens items, and potions. The greys they drop vendor pretty well too.

The Satyrs are the tougher of the options listed here. They’re all low 50s, but there’s a mix of melee and casters. One melee type basically has caster stats, while the other is tougher – the Rogue. At level 60 taking down the melee ones isn’t hard, but it does take more time than the other options listed here. However, the gold potential is the highest in the area too.

For TBC these areas aren’t as good. The mix of level ranges on the Satyrs usually means only half of them will yield XP.

Blood Elves

Near the Satyrs you’ll find Blood Elves in the red area. There’s a mix of melee and casters here too, however, even the melee Blood Elves are low health and low armor, making them very easy to deal with.

The drops are the typical Runecloth, green items, and potions.

I tend to bounce between the 3 Satyr locations and if those are busy I’ll go to the Blood Elves.

This farm remains pretty decent for Burning Crusade. There will still be Elves that don’t give XP, but I find it’s more reliable than the Satyrs.


On the beach (purple area) you’ll find Spitelash Sirens that are level 51-52. Also on the beach are Myrmidons, the melee ones, but they are easily avoided. The Sirens are ranged and low health and armor. There’s quite a few all over that beach and it’s a great spot to grind.

The Sirens also drop clams, which in turn gives you a chance of getting pearls for some gold.

This one is not worth doing for TBC.


Lastly, near the lake are Draconic Mageweavers (blue area) who are elite casters. They’re level 52. While they’re elite they are not hard to kill and do not do all that much damage. Being that they are elites, the XP from killing these is great.

There are melee elites in the area too, but it’s very easy to dodge those and pick out the Mageweavers. There’s also some Magelords on the pagoda-like things around that are another easy kill.

Take make this area interesting, I’ll start by the lake with the elites there, move to the beach to clear out the Sirens, then head up to the Satyrs. If I’m not utterly bored by then, I’ll turn around and reverse it.

Blasted Lands

This is a bit of a mixed bag but lots of potential to make gold.

Blasted Lands
Various Creatures

You can find mobs around the green circle that range in level from 47-51. Now, at level 60 the 47 mobs won’t give you any XP but 48+ will. However, all those mobs drop items used for repeatable quests to get buffs and raiders will buy those off the AH for a good chunk of gold. I sell 20 Basilisk Brains for 18-20g to give you an idea of the gold you can make.

I don’t normally grind these mobs unless my pet is within a few levels of the mobs. Being these mobs are barely enough to give XP, they aren’t giving you the most XP you can get. Yet, having your pet able to fight them too makes it go very quick, so what it lacks in XP it makes up for in time and gold.

I would say these mobs offer the highest gold potential of all the grinds I’m covering.

For The Burning Crusade this is not worthwhile any longer. Too many mobs are too low in level to farm for XP.


At the purple area there are some Ogres 53-55. The casters go down quick and easy while the melee ones aren’t too bad but they do take longer.

The nice part with the Ogres is there’s a lot of them all packed in together. By the time you clear them all out the first ones will start respawning in a few minutes of the last one you killed. Makes for a very sustainable grinding spot.

Deadwind Pass

This is one of my last resort spots if everything else is being farmed. In Deadwind Pass you’ll find some Ogres 55-58.

Deadwind Pass

The caster Ogres are easy of course and there’s 2 caster types. There’s also 2 melee Ogre mobs in the area. While the melee ones aren’t overly tough, it’s not fast either. That’s why this is my last resort spot because its’ the slowest grind.

The one perk in this area is that the Ogre Warlocks have a chance to drop the Superior Strength bracer enchantment formula, which is the only mob that drops it in the game.


This is my second favorite spot to grind. There’s a lot of potential for mining Thorium here, and the mobs you’re going to grind are very close to Everlook, making is easy to sell junk, repair, and restock your ammo.


The ghosts come in two varieties (green area), as they all do, melee and caster. Neither of them have a lot of HP and both go down pretty quickly.

These mobs range from 54-56, making them probably the most efficient grinds I’ve listed. The only downside is there’s a bit of running needed to circle the lake to get them all, but I find it works out well to regain some mana and minimize downtime between mobs.

If you’re a miner, then keep an eye out because around the frozen lake there’s 4 spots where Rich Thorium spawns.


These are all locations I routinely use with good success. There’s a few things I look for in a good grinding spot, such as easy to kill mobs that are all packed together closely and in enough quantity that you have minimal downtime waiting for respawns. All the locations above fit the bill.

There’s other locations I’ve tried but they weren’t up to par so I won’t bother mentioning them.

If you’re wondering how long it takes to level up that pet, then I don’t have a firm answer for you. There’s a lot of variables involved like your level and gear, pet level, how busy the grinding zones are, etc.

Broadly speaking though, I’d say it can take a few weeks for an average 60 to level up a level 30’ish pet. I know since that’s the range I tend to work from usually. You’ll get the pet into the 40s pretty quick, even 50, but those last 10 levels are a chore. That’s when I start hitting up dungeon runs to make it quicker.

If you’ve got some sweet spots you like to use for grinding to level up a pet, then I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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