I created this pet name generator because of my love for Hunters in Classic World of Warcraft. Like most of you, I’ve used a lot of pet name generators for WoW and I thought I would create one that suits me – and hopefully you as well.

WoW TBC Pet Name Generator

There’s a few sections below to help you generate a name for your pet. I will be adding to these sections in the very near future in terms of features and more words. The word list is done manually to help ensure the best possible names; it’s a labor of love!

Here’s some explanations:

  • Pet Disposition – Lets you choose the sound of the names you get based on the behavior of your pet. This will narrow down names to only those meeting the chosen disposition.
  • Attributes/Features – This will give you names that fit the particular attributes/features you choose. Choosing any of these will add in words that suit the chosen options.
  • Pet Family – The family that this pet belongs to. This choice will give names that suit that particular pet family. For a wider range of names you can leave this to set to any.
  • Name Filter – Normal will create names using the options you’ve chosen but also includes some words that I consider generic as well to give you a wide range of names. Strict will only use words based on your chosen options – no generic words. Crazy works like normal for words but disregards the naming structure. You get a lot of names even if they don’t all make sense.
  • Choose a Word – You can optionally enter a word and the generator will give you a list of names that all contain that word combined with the previously chosen options.

Those things will help you either broaden or refine the names that are generated. Play around with it some!

Note: This is still very much a work in progress, so please bear with me while I get it perfected. If something doesn’t work right, then please feel free to contact me.

Pet Disposition:
Any Neutral Good Evil

Gentle Silly/Cute Smart/Clever Strong Tough

Pet Family:

Name Filter:
Normal Strict Get Crazy!

Choose a Word (optional):