Last year (2019) when Classic World of Warcraft was announced I was skeptical. My skepticism wasn’t concerning the success of the game but instead my desire to go back to it.

Brief History

I played on release in 2004 with my guild at the time, Destroyers of Hope. We had played until 2006 sometime and left to play City of Heroes.

We’d grown tired of the game. Our guild was too small for raiding and PVP was such a time commitment to rank in that we felt we had nothing left for us there.

Some of us returned in The Burning Crusade. I played it for honestly just a few days before bailing out of the game again. I didn’t see anything in TBC that called to me and would draw me back in at the time.

Fast Forward

When Classic WoW was announced I was excited and unsure if I wanted to go back. I loved the game during my time playing it even though I eventually became bored. I have so many amazing memories of that time in my life playing the original World of Warcraft.

Do I have the time to commit to playing this game again? Am I just going to get bored again? Will Classic WoW live on or will it fade away?

That last question was my biggest concern. Would Blizzard let the game live on or would this be a fun experiment that they eventually cancelled?

I had begun watching Twitch streams of people going back to WoW and it didn’t take long for that excitement to return and my desire to return to Azeroth with it.

My favorite streamer then, and remains so, is Kevin Jordan, a former game designer for the original World of Warcraft. Kevin is a casual player who (of course) has some amazing insights into the game.

In watching his streams specifically, I had made up my mind that a return to WoW was in the cards for me.

There was one problem though – my computer wasn’t capable of running the current game client. I have an iMac (yeah, yeah, get a PC), and while it would run the original game client, it would not work for it now as technology has advanced beyond this poor old iMac.

Private Server

By November of 2019, my desire to get back to playing World of Warcraft was so overwhelming that I started looking into private servers. This was a whole new phenomenon to me that I didn’t realize existed.

I found a private server that looked perfect and have been playing there for the past 8 months. While this server is good, and arguably the best one out there for a “Blizz-like experience”, it’s not Classic WoW either.

There’s some bugs on the private server, to be expected of course, but the biggest problem for me is the lack of community.

The population, while respectable for what it is, is pitiful compared to any official WoW server.

Also, the vast majority of players are in the EU. With a small player base, and players in a timezone at least 5 hours ahead of me, doing anything that requires grouping up for, and of course raiding, doesn’t work out so well for me.

There’s also the fact that I knew I would return to Classic WoW once I could get a new iMac. I wanted that larger community feel. I wanted a game that wasn’t buggy. I wanted the real World of Warcraft.

That feeling and knowledge that the private server life wouldn’t be forever kept me from getting in too deep. I got 2 characters to level 60 and had a handful of alts ranging from level 43 and down. My 60s were a Druid and a Hunter.

I’ve even written about what I feel is the misunderstanding of hybrid classes in WoW based on my experience as a Druid.

I was using the private server as a way to learn the game again and experiment to find what I wanted to do when I could get into the official game once more. It wasn’t home.

Coming Home

Today, the day this first article will be published, is the day my new iMac arrives. I cannot express my excitement to not only have a new computer, but one that will let me return to the game I once loved – still love.

At this moment, my plan is to join Westfall, an east coast NA PVE. I did the PVP server thing back in the day, and on the private server, and while I love PVP, I’d rather choose it in BGs than get ganked questing. You’ve all heard the story before so no need to elaborate.

I will be starting with a Dwarven Hunter as my main. I played Horde in the original WoW, and on the private server.

In the original game I did have a Dwarven Hunter alt, but I had only leveled him up to 30-something before my guild and I left the game.

Update: I have since started my Alliance Hunter on the Westfall server. I even wrote an article about the best hunter pets.

So, most of the Alliance stuff is going to be brand new to me and that’s what I want. Having just recently played 6 Horde characters through their starting zones on the private server, my desire to do that again is non-existent.

While you can never get that feel of playing a game for the first time again, I figure going Alliance and seeing things I’ve never seen will be as close as it gets for me.

I do also plan to level up a Paladin alt once the Hunter gets going. I tested a Paladin out on the private server and got him to 18. While the class isn’t for everyone, I found myself enjoying it which really surprised me.


Well, there you have it. A bit of a backstory about who I am and my planned return to World of Warcraft.

I will say that I’m a more casual player and a lot of what you’re going to find on this blog is in that vein – a casual perspective.

The voices for the hardcore players, the min/maxers, and overachievers is prevalent everywhere. I want this place to be for the casual players to find content they can relate to and comment without being flamed.

Welcome to my blog, and I hope to see you again soon!

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