This questions gets asked a lot, myself included when I was considering returning, so I thought I’d give my opinion.

Classic WoW Releases in Phases

You may not be aware, but the plan for Classic WoW was and is to release it in phases. This gives the game the feel like it did when it was released originally back in 2004. This lets players progress through the content and raids in a linear fashion. Plus, it keeps players subscribed to the game as they keep awaiting the new content.

At the time of writing this we are in phase 5 with 1 more phase set to release which will introduce Naxxramas.

Currently we’re in phase 6 – the final phase of the game.

Is it too late to start playing Classic WoW?

Considering that Classic WoW is in the last phase, you’re wondering is it worth starting now? The answer is yes.

What Do You Want Out of the Game?

Let’s step back a moment and ask what do you want out the game?

If you’re someone who never experienced the original game, then any time is a great time to start playing Classic. There is no time like the present.

Maybe you played before and want to relive that nostalgia – same thing, start playing!

The fact that the game has progressed so far since release isn’t going to negatively impact you in either case. You’re not missing out on anything and that content will be there when you’re ready.

What about those of you who love to raid? Join up!

There will always be new guilds forming in Classic WoW and beginning their raiding journey from the start. Sure, you’re not going to be a part of world firsts but you knew that already.

For example. I’ve been in a few guilds and have finally settled on one that really suits me. This is as of Dec., 2020. They are still doing MC runs gearing up players, which is perfect for me since I don’t have my T1 set.

Here we are in the final phase of the game and there’s guilds still doing MC to get the guild good enough to progress beyond it.

Likewise for those more casual and wondering if there will be anyone to play with. There’s other people like you considering joining the game, so you’re not going to be the only one with a level 1 character this late into the game’s cycle.

Plus, those who are level 60 are always rolling alts. There’s no shortage of people to quest with. Trust me. I have plenty of alts. Probably too many…


Regardless of what you’re after with Classic WoW, it’s never too late to start playing. There is also the very real possibility that we’ll get The Burning Crusade (all but confirmed) in the near future (rumored May, 2021) and the journey will continue.

So, if you’re considering rejoining the ranks of Azeroth, then why wait?

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